Blog #1: 5.22.17

Nothing Matters…But Everything Does

It’s almost 4am.  I woke up this morning, well yesterday morning…worked out, ran a mile, then went and worked a 10 hour shift at my gig….where really all I did was work on “this,” then went home and here I am, working some more.  Plans, plans, and more plans.  Its an exciting time.  I’m throwing a release party for my new album ANTi (which by now I hope you are listening to) tomorrow night, and I’m playing one of the largest, if not biggest Hip-Hop festivals in the world, Soundset, next weekend in Minnesota.  I also am doing a show with Raekwon on July 11th….but between all that I’ve got students to teach, teachers to teach, events to plan and throw, merch to sell, an album to relentlessly promote..and video games to beat.  I also have to spend a bunch of money, even though I’m making money…I have to spend it…and spend the most precious of things: TIME.  This is what success looks like.  It’s hard.  There’s very little vindication to be found in validation.  Everyone “understands” when it comes to getting whatever they want from you, but very few have any clue when it comes to what about this lifestyle must be “understood.”  This shit is 24 hours a day.  It doesn’t stop.  Visions don’t disappear unless you stop seeing them, so don’t complain when you don’t see me, when you aren’t doing shit.  So what now…. 24 hours from this very moment I’ll probably be somewhere downtown, having completed my release party and dealt with every difficult, awkward conversation about when whoever goes on stage, or how great I am, or hey who knows, how much better and richer I should be.  Shit…in 6 hours I’ll be outside running 2 miles in 90+ degree weather…but hey whatever, nothing matters…except for everything.